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The past 2 summers our 11 yr old Shar-pei has had problems with yeast infections on his skin. This summer at the first sign of trouble I used the shampoo the vet gave us. Last year it worked great. This summer it just wouldn't stop. I'd give him a bath & 2 days later new spots further up his body would break out. When it got to his "mane" I was desperate. So I made this for him --

1 cup Dial anti-bacterial soap
1 cup white vinegar
2 tbs of water

Worked great & he smelled so good! On the first day that I used this soap, I also gave him a vinegar rinse after rinsing off the soap. Then gave him another bath with just the home-made soap 2 days later; then 4 days after that.

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there are a couple other threads on this forum where folks mention homemade shampoos using vinegar, usually recommend cider vinegar. My sheltie male was really itchy this summer & used a recipe I found with vinegar & it really gave him some relief. Thanks for posting yours, it may help someone. My question is, you didn't find the Dial to be too strong? I would expect it to irritate esp. w/his yeast infections? Was this on his face (where so many folds are)? We used to use coal tar pet shampoos on our lhasa-poodle mix when her skin flared up. But yuck it stunk!

I read somewhere else about a lady that uses the Dial/vinegar soap on her dog to keep his yeasty skin under control. She said not to worry, that the soap was mild enough. You could always dilute it more than the 2 tbs of water. I didn't have cider vinegar, so I just used the white. After the 3 baths, his skin did look a bit dry, but I assumed it was the vinegar. He always had a problem on his underside, back end between his legs. I got that under control with the vet's shampoo but then he started having problems on top by his tail & on his tail. I kept using the vet shampoo, but the spots just kept moving up further on his body. When it got up by his head & under his face into the folds, that's when I made this shampoo. I washed all of him including his face, around the mouth, top of his head (carefully avoiding his eyes).

This has worked well for us. I liked the way he smelled too. Much better than the vet's soap.

I have a recipe for pet shampoo that also has oatmeal in it plus vinegar, Dawn dishwashing detergent and glycerin. Works wonders on my Bichons who have a terrible time with allergies. It makes a gallon at a time so I don't have to mix it up very often.

Sounds interesting. Can it be made in smaller batches? I have all those ingredients but it would take me a long time to use up a gallon.

I don't see why you couldn't cut the ingregients in half but to tell you the truth it doesn't seem to go bad. I keep mine a long time and it stays okay. I did, for awhile, store it in the refrigerator but at last I just left it at room temp and it was still fine. Good luck and I hope it works as well for your dogs as it does for mine.

Brownthumbia, what is your recipe, exactly?

Petaloid, it is 1 cup oatmeal, I use the quick but I don't think it matters. 1 1/2 cup Dove, Ivory, OR Dawn dishwashing liquid. 1/4 cup liquid glycerine and it's optional to add some baking soda. But, I don't think I would add vinegar if you add the sods...could have an atomic bomb in our kitchen. LOL Actually, I leave out the vinegar because after their bath I spray Apple cider vinegar quite liberally on their coats as they are drying. Now back to the recipe. I blend the oatmeal until it is a powder. and I don't add the soap until I have filled the bottle with water or you will have suds coming out of the jar before you're ready for it. Other than that everything just gets dumped all together and I will say because of the amount of soap it is a VERY sudsy shampoo. sometimes I don't put that much soap in. I have even cut it in half. guess it depends on how much I have on hand. I do shake it, gently when it's bath time. I really hope this helps your sweetie as much as it has mine. good luck.


I googled "treating skin yeast infections dogs"

2008-04-07 11:16:04 by doggzma

This is only the first few returns I got. Hope you can make your doggies skin feel better. Poor baby.
Cure Yeast Infections in DogsTreating a yeast infection if the dog has it on the skin, required some changes in formulation. That means 1% copper chloride + 1% zinc chloride + some ...
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So I need a little advice on fungal infections

2010-08-09 18:40:15 by ihaveabluedog

My dog has been loosing hair and had big welts whih turned out to be a fungal infection the vet gave me a medecine spray and it seems to be working, only problem being that he's got some spots on his face that I cant get witht he spray the vet also mentioned not to spray the spots aroudn his eyes, I've also been instructed to give him a sponge bath once a week with 9 parts water 1 part bleech to dry the skin out, if I'm not able to get the spots on his face will tehy eventually go away when the other spots are killed off?

Allergy/yeast dog-what works for you?

2013-07-03 12:38:27 by sheesh1234

I have a GSd who has recurring issues with fungal skin infections and allergies. I've had her about 7 months now, thought we had it licked but back now bad. In January the original breeder gave me this dog, a middle aged female, who was nearly completely bald, with thickened skin and an odor that would back folks off at 15 feet. She had been kept outdoors for at least a year and had the tips of her ears damaged permanently by fly strikes.
The diagnosis was an undetermined number of allergies which resulted in constant itching and scratching, causing a staph infection in the skin, aggravated by a yeast overgrowth throughout her skin

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