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Hello All - (eric-oh good advice. :-)

Several weeks ago I found a skin "rash" under one of my breasts. My physician confirmed it is (gasp) skin fungus. Shocking & embarrassing how a gal can get such a condition when she maintains proper hygiene & wears mostly cotton underwear.
I tried the medicated ointment & became frustrated with the slow results. Then tried Lotrim (for Athlete's foot) "assuming" fungus is fungus regardless of the location its settled in. But I feel better using a natural approach to treatment.

On these forums I heard of genetian violet & trying that now -- be is a purple INK, but I think it is working. I'm also dabbing the affected area with vinager twice a day. The vinager stings the (problem area) skin so I think that means it is working.

I found this (Dr. Stoll) article online & I hope it can help anyone out here who has a similar problem....with any type of fungus. :-(

"First, you must understand that there is NOTHING, prescription or non-prescription, that KILLS any topical fungus (nails, skin, vagina, mouth, etc.). All any thing does is to inhibit growth of the fungus in tissue that was grown THAT DAY during the treatment. The growing cells must incorporate some of whatever is being applied, right into the cell, so THAT CELL will no longer be susceptible to the fungus. THEN the natural shedding of superficial tissues will grow the already infected tissue right off the body.

Fungi cannot stand an acid environment. Fill a dropper bottle with the cheapest distilled vinegar from the grocery store (do not use good vinegar that has not been distilled) and put 2 drops of the vinegar at the growing base of the affected area every night and morning."


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Toenail fungus is an internal problem

2003-02-24 05:46:59 by rawyogi

Even if you can kill the fungus growning on the outside of your nail, the fungus will return as soon as you stop the topical treatment (even if you are extremely hygienic about your feet) because the problem is more internal than external. Western medicine recognizes this and prescribes incredibly toxic drugs (taking internally) to combat the fungus. An alternative approach is to reduce the toxins in your diet and allow your body to naturally heal. Wearing sandals or open toed footware does help keep things dry and the skin on your feet healthier.

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