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Paranoychia or onychomycosis are most often seen in toenail fungus infections. Although a mild infection in the early stages may cause little to no discomfort,with the only visible symptoms being toenail discoloration,black or thick toenails and crumbling of the nails it is absolutely essential for you to begin toenail fungus treatment immediately. The treatment of toenail fungus with tea tree oil or toenail fungus home remedies can help significantly in these early stages but these home remedies are no substitute for medical treatment as the results vary greatly. For an effective toenail fungus cure it would be best to employ a combination of medical treatments and toenail fungus home remedies.

Fungal infections are common on both fingernails and toenails. Toenail fungus also known as onychomycosis is caused by a group of fungus called dermatophytes. These fungus are harmful because as they grow they feed on the keratin that makes up the surface of the toe nail. The two fingers that are more likely to be affected are the big toe and the little toe. The big toe and the little toe are in fact the most susceptible to paronychia,which is an infection of the soft tissue around the nail. Toenail fungus causes disfiguration and discoloration of the nails. It is a contagious disease and some times it may be hereditary. Paronychia and onycholysis are common toenail problems and may require medical assistance if they have been neglected.

Some of the popular treatments involve treating the condition with black toenail fungus home remedies like bleach and hydrogen peroxide. The use of bleach for toenail fungus is quite popular as a foot fungus remedy. The use of baking soda for toenail fungus or fingernail fungus and skin fungus is also very popular and there are plenty of nail fungus baking soda remedies.Toenail Fungus SymptomsThe best home remedies for toenail fungus treatment are also not a sure bet however as there are no instant or fast home remedies for toenail fungus. If for some reason you cannot seek medical attention and toenail fungus home treatments are necessary then it would be best to try nail fungus treatment with over the counter nail fungus medications and applications.

If you have done a search and browsed through pictures of nail fungus you will probably have noticed that there are various types of nail fungus and nail disorders,making nail care so important. Fungal infections are not just limited to the skin however and a toe fungus or cuticle fungus could also leave you at an increased risk of developing other fungal infections like skin fungus,finger fungus,or scalp fungus.

Symptoms of Toe Nail Fungus

There are plenty of images and pictures of toenail fungus available on the internet,and looking through these toenail fungus pictures should give you some idea of the appearance of the condition.

Symptoms of toenail fungus are quite obvious. The affected nail will get yellow or brown in colour. It may become so thick and overgrown that it may be painful to wear shoes. Foul-smelling debris may get accumulated under the nail. The signs of toenail fungus are actually not hard to recognize as the foul odor emanating from the toenails is something that cannot be ignored. The nail may crumble and eventually fall off. Toenail discoloration is not uncommon either. Streaks or spots can be seen down the side of the nails of the affected person. Thick toenails or black toenails may not be your typical toenail fungus symptoms,but could at times be indicative of a paronychia or toenail fungus infections. Ingrown toenails,although not necessarily symptomatic of toenail fungus,should also be treated promptly as there are plenty of effective and inexpensive ingrown toenail remedies. An infected ingrown toenail can become a very serious problem as it may require surgery if it is neglected. You can always ask your doctor for information on how to get rid of an ingrown toenail.


Home remedies for scabies

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Here are a few home remedy treatments I found online:
* boil the skins of a half-dozen onions for 15 to 30 minutes in a quart of water. Let the liquid cool, then apply it liberally all over your body. (Save the peeled onions to use in cooking.)
* Make a strong tea of either rosemary or tansy by brewing 1 tablespoon of dried herb to 1 cup of water. Steep for at least 20 minutes, strain and cool. Wash the affected area with the herbal infusion as often as 3 times a day, most importantly at bedtime.
* To treat the rash from scabies apply generously to the affected area before bedtime

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