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What is fungus? A mushroom is a fungus but so good who cares, but mold and mildew those are some pretty gross fungus. A fungus could be classified as a vegetable gone horribly wrong. But fungi can be found just about anywhere, air, water, soil, in plants and in your body. Some fungi can reproduce through tiny spores found in the air and you inhale these spores or they land on your skin and that is how fungal infections can start when you inhale the spores they enter the lungs and those that may have a weakened immune system are the ones more often who get fungal infections.

Fungal infections may be hard to get rid of but there are ways that you can treat a fungal infection without a prescription medicine. Vitamins are one way to prevent and treat fungal infections. People assume that popping multivitamins everyday will prevent them from getting sick, but a multivitamin while good for over-all health will not prevent or treat a fungal infection on its own. Vitamins A, C, and E taken daily can help increase your immune system and enable your body in the process of fighting off the fungal infection.

There are also several topical treatments that can be used for fungal infections such as whey, aloe vera, garlic and tea tree oil. To use the aloe vera you will rub it on the infected area and with it being an anti-parasitic it will aide in killing off the fungal infection. Tea tree oil can be mixed with water and then soaked in cotton and applied to the skin; you will need about 10 drops of the oil and a small amount of water. This one will not work for some people but is a good one to try.

For a whey treatment you need liquid whey mixture, then using a cotton material, dip the cotton into the whey mixture and apply to the infected area. The whey treatment is also good as an overnight treatment. To use garlic as your treatment option all you have to do is rub raw garlic on the infected area. Garlic is great for a variety of things and since it is an anti-fungal it will speed the healing of the fungal infection Honey is another great cure-all and has many great benefits, apply a small amount to the infected area and cover with a bandage.


Buy a natural product called LDM 100tm....

2008-12-29 11:38:18 by jaxgal618

This is a tincture derived from botanicals (plants) that is a super effective anti-viral, anti-fungal ( Ringworm is a FUNGUS ) and anti-bacterial. It cures a multitude of different health conditions. It can be used directly on the affected area ( topically ) or can be taken orally (internally) with water or juice.

Don't EVER use anything like Clorox on an animal!!! That is extremely POOR advice, chlorine is dangerous and can be toxic.

Here's a Google search for LDM 100tm.

There's lots of info and it's easy to get at your local health food store or online

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  • Avatar clara I have dandruff. What can I do to cure the problem?
    Oct 10, 2007 by clara | Posted in Hair

    No natural remedies thank you very much!
    I want very good advice. Advice I can take. Very good advice
    I need advice and what i can take like natural remedies, shampoo, counter prescipations, meds.
    I need advice and what i can take like natural remedies, shampoo, counter prescipations, meds.

    • Treatment

      Dandruff is a chronic condition that can almost always be controlled, but it may take a little patience and persistence. In general, mild scaling can often be helped by daily cleansing with a gen …ithfully for several weeks and there's still a dusting of dandruff on your shoulders, talk to your doctor or dermatologist. You may need a prescription-strength shampoo or more aggressive treatment with a steroid lotion.

  • Avatar bigdaddy_ruffluv Athletes feet is there a home remedy for it or simple home cleaning supplies?
    Sep 25, 2010 by bigdaddy_ruffluv | Posted in Alternative Medicine

    I am into home and natural cures for things
    What will get rid of the fungus that causes athletes feet
    Some one mentioned bleach
    I need also to treat my shoes. It seems all of my shoes are affected and i have several pair

    • Tea tree oil solution will do the trick.
      so will soaking feet in a solution of bleach mixed with water