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Proven Natural Nail Fungus Ingredients For Infection Under and In Nails

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Why is this treatment so effective?

Most other companies try to kill the fungus only but do not restore proper ph to the foot's skin surface and this is vital to ward off fungus.

The second step is the vital one but by itself is not enough. Toenail and nail fungus is very tough and the only way to beat it is from a two pronged approach. It works!

1) Attack the fungus!

2) Balance The Ph to destroy new fungus growth

That is how we can offer a complete 90 day money back guarantee.


Step 1: Powerful natural anti fungal agents - we believe that there is none more powerful than the combination we put together.

Step 2: A must do - Rebalancing the skin's ph to defend against new fungal growth


"I am writing this because this toenail fungus has been a part of my life for nearly 10 years and not because I didn't try a thousand things like vinegar, the beer soak, vicks and others. YOUR PRODUCT WORKED. It took 45 days for the nail to grow out without that black and yellowish color on it. Very pleased!

"I want your company to know that I have taken your product to my doctor. He tried to put me on some "liver killer" and he even knew that it was bad. Your worked without side effects."

A Proven Natural Toe & Nail Fungus Treatment!

"A new deeper penetrating formula!"

Why should your nail fungus solution be in a cream base?


Buy a natural product called LDM 100tm....

2008-12-29 11:38:18 by jaxgal618

This is a tincture derived from botanicals (plants) that is a super effective anti-viral, anti-fungal ( Ringworm is a FUNGUS ) and anti-bacterial. It cures a multitude of different health conditions. It can be used directly on the affected area ( topically ) or can be taken orally (internally) with water or juice.

Don't EVER use anything like Clorox on an animal!!! That is extremely POOR advice, chlorine is dangerous and can be toxic.

Here's a Google search for LDM 100tm.

There's lots of info and it's easy to get at your local health food store or online

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