Can mold cause skin Fungus?

Skin Fungus, Yeast Symptoms or is Candida making you Bloat?

by Steven Douglas

skin fungus, yeast and mold indications Foods that people with microflora problems are reactive to.

All of us have fungus, yeast and mold in our bodies, and oftentimes fungus in our skin. This is unavoidable. Some of these life forms are beneficial. They are part of the microfauna and microflora in our digestive tracts. When the pathological (disease-causing) varieties become very abundant in our bodies, we lose vitality, longevity and functionality.

All the symptomatic conditions that are listed herein can be caused by a number of problems, and are not necessarily related to an overgrowth of fungus, yeast or mold. If you have a number of symptoms, there is a high probability microflora is the source of your problem.

Candida albicans is the scapegoat of alternative and conventional medicine. Nearly all fungus, yeast and mold problems have been and commonly are described as “candida” or “candidiasis.” Candida albicans is actually a mold. It is normal and beneficial in the appropriate quantities in your large intestine. When it overgrows in the gut and/or spreads to your blood and tissues throughout the body, you are not healthy. Many of the symptoms this creates are very similar to other molds, as well as fungus and yeast. The primary problem caused by this confusion is that homeopathics and herbs, as well as pharmaceuticals don’t work equally as well across the entire spectrum of microflora. We’re not going to spend any time or effort to try to name that flora. Our next Big Article will offer a nutritional and herbal program that works equally well for fungus, yeast and mold. Within the next month we will post an article with a natural program for the resolution of vaginal yeast. It works well and is non-toxic.

The most common symptom is bloating after sugary or starchy meals, snacks or beverages. This bloating is usually accompanied by a sudden onset of fatigue. Brain fog is a frequent additional symptom that occurs with the bloat. Sugar cravings are a telltale indication. Did you ever wonder how “rednecks” get their skin so red? It’s not from the sun. Some people with this condition work indoors and spend most of their free time lifting weights: 12 fl.oz. at a time. These beverages spike the blood sugar levels and feed a number of microbes. There are other conditions that can cause reddening of the skin. By far “carbotarianism” (living on carbohydrate foods and beverages) is the single leading cause.

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This rain trend thingy has to stop sooner

2013-07-10 05:41:29 by MotorradGirl

Or later...isn't grass supposed to go dormant in summer?!
We've got a ton of toadstools in the yard and I have some brown fungus in my flowerbeds here and there but I haven't paid that much attention to it. A little sun and it'll go away. :-)
Glad to hear things are going well.
Yes, less humidity will be welcome. I know it's good for your skin but makes for bad hair! LOL

I had thick callouses on my heels

2006-05-29 10:47:48 by greyfeet

Then all of a sudden they began to peel away. Now I have sections which are calloused and sections that are newly exposed skin.
I keep clipping aw ay the dead skin as it peels away, and putting on lotion, but this is freaking me out. I have no idea what made this happen or how to deal with it so that all the callouses will go away and I will have "even" skin on my heels. It feels a little uncomfortable.
I have no itching or burning, but could this be some sort of fungus? What should I do? Thanks!

My journey to a fog free brain: Cutting out yeast and sugar  — Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
On one visit I was diagnosed with a fungal skin rash, a fungal nail infection and thrush again only to have my theory of a "fungal" common thread dismissed.

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    I spent a week in the hospital and the doctors are still unsure what it was. They are assuming it was baterial skin infection because it got better after being treated with antibiotics. However, I still have little brown patches all over my skin. My blood work is normal, but I am afraid it could come back. Also, I had black mold in my house, could that possible have caused it?

    • If I were you i would start taking colloidal silver daily so make sure it does not come back. Silver is a natural antibiotic and it won't harm you if you take it for too long.

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    • Many different ways. You can get parasites by drinking unfiltered water. You can get parasites when your at the gym. If you go barefoot, the parasites attract on the bottom soles leading to athletes foot and other nasty worms. You can also get it from eating raw meat especially pork. Cysts live in dirt, and If you happen to tough the dirt and tough your mouth, most likely you'll consume the cysts. Many different ways and many different parasites.

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    • The terms "Pesticides" refers to many chemicals including herbicides, insecticides and fungicides and are designed to kill certain types of pest. These include insects, plants, fungi, moulds and rodents. Pestic …r permanently damaged in childhood. The endocrine system is more sensitive to pesticides and it is now known that many pesticides are "endocrine disrupters" which can affect the hormone balance within the body.

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    I got over a potentially fatal infection on my outer ear (the shell) that sprung up in the course of a day (My ear got warm, turned red at 11am, turned purple, then grew mold-like blisters by 6pm) I developed a high feve … have any idea what could have caused it?
    Wow! Thank you both for your detailed answers! I donno who to pick as best, since they seem as if, together, they make the best answer to my question. You're both the best!

    • You could have had congestion in your head from a virus or allergies that festered and grew into a breeding ground for a fungus or bacteria.

      Edit: The outer ear is still inside. You are referring to the &q …a simple scrape or something under the epidermis. Microrganisms can get in from things not visible to the human eye. You must have came in contact with something really nasty. Glad you survived. That sounds really scary!