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introduction to tinea versicolor 1417 x 300x170 Tinea Versicolor: The Multicolor Fungal Skin Rash Usually I see tinea infections when the weather starts getting hot and humid and people start sweating more. But if you’re hitting the gym several times a week,or sweating a lot for some other reason,you could get one of the itchiest and uncomfortable rashes around – tinea. Let me tell you more about this rash and what you can do if you get one.

A Very Itchy Skin Rash

There are several forms of tinea versicolor that you may be familiar with by their common name – athlete’s foot (tinea pedis),jock itch (tinea cruris),or even “ringworm” (tinea corporis,see more below). There’s even a form of tinea that looks like common dandruff (tinea capitis) but is actually an infection of the scalp that flakes and falls.

The word “versicolor” comes from the Latin meaning variable color as tinea infections can range from white,to tan,to brown,and bright red,somewhat raised lesions.

Tinea is caused by a fungal infection of your skin by tiny yeast called Malassezia furfur. These microscopic yeasts are always present in your skin to some degree and are usually kept under control with regular bathing and drying of skin. Yet,when you start sweating a lot they can multiply out of control and result in the itchy rash associated with them.

Tinea can often infect the skin of your body (tinea corporis) where your skin is warmer,moister,receives friction from clothes,and is without much light exposure. This includes skin beneath breasts,around your waistline,in your groin,inner thighs and the bottoms of your feet.25 Untold Secrets To Improving Your Age-Related Hearing LossIt can create a very uncomfortable,very itchy rash.

Tinea can affect people of all ages but it most commonly occurs in people aged 20-40. Because it is caused by a fungal organism,there are other factors that can contribute to a tinea infection:

  • Suppressed immune systems (HIV,leukemia)
  • Diabetes
  • Infected animals,other people
  • Exposure to soil (working outside around your house)

One form,tinea facei,can affect the skin of your face – especially in men with facial hair – and causes a bright red,raised lesion rash with a somewhat swollen appearance. As a dermatologist,this is usually the form of tinea that brings patients in to me for treatment.

Tinea facei can occur on the cheeks,around the eyes,on the nose,forehead,chin,and ears. You may have inadvertently rubbed fungal organisms into your facial skin from soil,a pet,or coming in contact with them while working outdoors. I often see patients with tinea facei in the late spring/early summer,when the weather is nice. They’ve been out working in their yards in the sun,perhaps sweating,and accidentally rubbing dirt into their skin. This can prompt an almost overnight outbreak of this rash. It can start to look and feel like a severe sunburn – red,swollen,and very uncomfortable.

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I've developed heat rash and a fungal

2008-08-23 07:59:50 by newinitialsash

Rash on my neck. I'm not sure there is any rash specific to pregnant people, so you really might want to get your OB to look at it and give you a recommendation.
For the heat rash, cold showers and keeping the area cool and dry is all that really worked for me. Calamine lotion was an option that my OB suggested, but using any type of lotion would just trap in the moisture, so it was better to keep it dry.
The rash on my neck was treated with miconazole nitrate -- yeah, the same stuff for yeast infection -- it was a fungal rash and all the cortisone in the world wasn't helping

Re; the rash

2008-10-12 20:01:07 by JacieRey

If the doctor told you it was a bacterial skin infection, did she prescribe antibiotics for it? Did you just switch to antifungal or was this the recommendation of the pedi? If it *is* fungal you need to be persistent about treatment with an OTC antifungal like miconazole cream and apply it at least 2x a day and continue for at least a week after the rash is gone.
If its bleeding and worse you should probably take her back to the pediatrician.

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On one visit I was diagnosed with a fungal skin rash, a fungal nail infection and thrush again only to have my theory of a "fungal" common thread dismissed.

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