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Fungal infections of any type can lead to a variety of secondary health complications, including mental health and emotional complications should the infection become unsightly and difficult to manage. If you are concerned about a persistent skin fungus infection, it is important to consider not only how traditional medicine can work to mitigate the health risk but also how homeopathic remedies can further support your care. While there are many homeopathic remedies that can be used for fungal infection, for skin fungus infections, using both topical solutions as well as oral solutions will help to resolve the infection but to also mitigate the risk for suffering from recurring skin fungus infections. Recurring skin fungus infections are a common part of many of the infections that homeopathic specialists attack but it is up to the patient to comply with treatment as recommended.

Just like treatment for acne prone sensitive skin, the topical treatment of a skin fungus infection must be tailored to your specific health needs. In homeopathy, your natural health specialist can examine your skin and determine what topical solutions are best. Typically, most homeopathic health specialists will recommend applying clove oil and tea tree oil as the initial steps in fighting a fungal infection of the skin, topically.

Once this regimen of topical applications has been used for a ten day period, then additional considerations can be made depending on how well your skin fungus infection is resolving. In addition to topical applications of homeopathic solutions, oral use of homeopathic solutions may also be used. For the oral fight of a skin fungus infection, homeopathic remedies often call for the use of active acidophilus foods, including yogurt and other foods with active components.

While there is no one fungal infection treatment that works for every patient, many basic homeopathic remedies will call for these essential basic components. If you are struggling with the treatment of a skin fungus infection, or if you have a skin fungus infection that is recurring, always consider homeopathic remedies in a support of traditional medical care. In the long term, you can improve your overall health and save money on natural remedies versus traditional health care treatment.

Sources: Impossible Cure: The Promise of Homeopathy, by Amy Lansky


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Toenail fungus is an internal problem

2003-02-24 05:46:59 by rawyogi

Even if you can kill the fungus growning on the outside of your nail, the fungus will return as soon as you stop the topical treatment (even if you are extremely hygienic about your feet) because the problem is more internal than external. Western medicine recognizes this and prescribes incredibly toxic drugs (taking internally) to combat the fungus. An alternative approach is to reduce the toxins in your diet and allow your body to naturally heal. Wearing sandals or open toed footware does help keep things dry and the skin on your feet healthier.

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  • Avatar juicy935 What are some ways that you can cure a fungus in your toe, the ones that rowen the nail?
    May 27, 2008 by juicy935 | Posted in Skin Conditions

    I need a cure one that can help in like a month or a couple of weeks.


    • Toenail fungus also known as onychomycosis is caused by a group of fungus called dermatophytes. These fungus are harmful because as they grow they feed on the keratin that makes up the surface of the toe nail. The two fi …gurt and kefir are good sources of probiotics. Reduce intake of refined carbs like sugar, dairy products and vinegar. Olive leaf extract is an excellent internal anti-fungal agent.

      Hope this helps!

  • Avatar caribgirl What is the best way to treat hair loss caused by alopecia?
    Sep 08, 2006 by caribgirl | Posted in Hair

    Some women are sufferiing hair loss due to different types of skin fungus they maybe because of transferance, the use of someone's comb, chemicals, stress or inviromental causes

    • Alopecia, which is an autoimmune deficiency and NOT transferrable, can be treated... One of the BEST treatments is using either topical or injected steroids directly on the bald spot... The injections can be done by a licensed dermatologist and will stimulate regrowth in the area... This will NOT stop the hair from falling out, this will only give the hair follicles a "kick start" in growing again. Hope this helps!