Common skin fungus white spots

White Spots and Patches on Skin
Common Skin Infections

By Sharon Hopkins - 2007-09-24

Leucoderma, also known as vitiligo, is a rare skin disease characterized by white spots and patches. The white patch or spot is called as leucoderma and when it occurs without any preceding disease it is called Vitiligo.

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Leucoderma in literal term means white skin. This kind of condition is mistaken for another skin disease i.e. leprosy.

Under this skin condition, certain parts of the skin gradually lose color leaving behind white patches. This occurs due to loss of melanin, a dark pigment which gives color to skin. It may begin with a small patch but slowly and steadily spreads throughout the body. This is not a dangerous or contagious skin disease.

The actual cause is still unknown though numerous studies have been conducted on the subject. Some of the perceived causes are emotional stress, hereditary factors, worms, sunburns (See What are the Effects of Sunlight on the Skin?) and physical illness. This skin condition can be aggravated due to diseases like hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, pernicious anemia and Addison's disease.

Some tips to be kept in mind

Avoid stress and try to relax

Do not use hard soaps while bathing

Get a sun bath in the early hour for 20-30 minutes

Avoid cosmetics like cream, powder and other triggering agents.

Increase iron deficiency by eating foods such has meat, liver, cereals, beans, lentils and green leafy vegetables.

Avoid citrus fruits, tamarind, fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns.

Sodium or salt consumption should be completely stopped during the leucoderma treatment.

Home Remedies for Leucoderma

A home remedy with the help of Babchi and Tamarind seeds can be used for vitiligo.

In 1:1 proportion steep these seeds in water for three to four days. Shell and dry them in shade. Make it into a paste and apply on the white patches.

Drink water from a copper vessel which has been kept overnight.

Ginger juice serves as a mild stimulant in increasing blood flow to the white patches.

Poultice of ginger leaves applied over the patches also helps.

Eat curry made of Bathu. Apply Bathu juice over the patches or spots at least twice or thrice a day.

Eat figs regularly for a month.

Dry pomegranate leaves in shade and grind into fine powder. Sieve it and take 8 gms of it every morning and evening with fresh water.

Eat walnuts regularly to cure leucoderma

Make a dry mixture by grinding Neem leaves, flowers and fruits in equal quantity. Take 1 tsp of this powder daily with water.

Combine 100 gms each of Alfalfa and cucumber juice. Have it in the morning and evening for few months.

Mix Harad powder in garlic juice and apply it on the white spots.

Drink butter milk, thought to be very useful for treating vitiligo.

Make black gram paste and apply it on the affected area for four months. This will be very fruitful in the fight against leucoderma.

Wash and clean a basil plant along with its roots. Beat the plant and boil it in 1/2 liter water mixed with 1/2 liter oil. Once the water evaporates, mash and strain to get basil oil. Apply this oil on the white spots.

Tinea Versicolor a Fungal Infection that can also Cause White Spots on the Skin

Fungal infections of the human body are very common, and are often quite bothersome. One such example is a condition known as tinea versicolor, a superficial yeast infection that produces white spots on the skin that are difficult to remove.



2009-05-29 18:36:52 by ThatRedDog

There are several options for fungus treatment. The first is iodine, which is cheap. Mix it with water and give iodine bath.
Legs should be clipped in summer. The shorter the hair, the less area for fungus to grow. Curry off fungus and dead skin. They make fungus creams such as Dermex and anti-fungal sprays. Furuozone can also be used once the fungus is removed to prevent re-growth.

Skin problems

2008-12-04 21:31:51 by jade_cicily

Skin problems in dogs and cats are very hard to diagnose. First, it needs to be determined if it is an infection caused by a fungus or bacteria (and what kind), mange, or if it is an allergic reaction. Each treatment is vastly different for the aforementioned, so it is best to get a vet to determine the cause before treating. They will also be able to help with the animals itching during treatment.

There are thousands of types of fungus and most

2011-01-04 00:05:26 by hudsonbay

Antifungals attack only a small fraction of them. Foot fungus for example thrives in dark & damp, like between toes and under nails, so I wouldn't have expected a foot fungus treatment to be effective against fungus thriving in open air (drier) and light (instead of dark)
No guarantee apple cider vinegar will work either. But most fungus is sensitive to Ph and vinegar will radically change the Ph of the skin surface

From Homeopathic First Aid Ointment to Iconic Beauty Balm, EMUAID® Does It All  — PR Web
However, the safety and versatility of the ointment has quickly made the natural treatment a phenomenon for a variety of resistant fungal, bacterial and viral skin conditions.

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  • Avatar Jay-C How do i Get rid of White spots on my skin?
    Apr 15, 2008 by Jay-C | Posted in Skin Conditions

    The doctor says its a common skin fungus, but they never seem to go away, you can really tell when im Tan. What can i Do?

    • What did the doctor say to do about it?

      hey i just found this on another site and copied it... maybe this will help it is the only answer i have found they say works!

      here it is:
      I'm …o. You can tell that it worked by getting in a dark room and turning on a black light. If the spots glow, youve got fungus, if not-But you still have to retan the old spots, it's like new skin once the fungus affects it.

  • Avatar Katherine K Why do I have weird white spots on my upper arms?
    Apr 08, 2008 by Katherine K | Posted in Skin Conditions

    I have these weird white blotches/spots on my upper arms. I don't know what they're from but I want to get rid of them because I'm embarrassed to a wear a t-shirt. How do I get rid of them?

    • Well if your arms turn kinda purple and they are reddish spots that talk to your dermatologist it could be keratosis pilaris, for mine i use gold bond anti itch cream to help it, but it takes a very long while for anything to happen.

  • Avatar Alex F Why are flakes coming out of my turtle?
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    I noticed that my turtle seems to have flakes of keratin peeling off of its shell. Is this normal? Its never happend before. When i removed one of these flakes, it had some small tiny white spots under it. What exactly is happening to my turtle? I dont think it is molting. Could this be some kind of infection?

    • Sounds like molting to me, my daughter and her bf have eleven turtles of various sizes and they replace their shell each year