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Viral Chicken pox: The chicken pox rash appears on the scalp, face and chest. They are at first red and itchy.Later on they turn into fluid filled vesicles, which susequently crusts and shrivels.The lesions appear in crops and so at any point in time during the illness, all the above types of lesions are seen. The virus may recur, causing a painful condition called shingles, which are pus-filled blisters, which become dry and heal eventually.

Measles: Symptoms include coughing and fever. The rash starts on the face and spreads to the body.

Warts: They are caused by viral infections. Warts are smooth lesions of the skin, which may appear lighter or darker than the surrounding skin.

Type 1 Herpes simplex virus: Causes small, water-filled, clear blisters primarily on the lips. Herpes spreads by sharing cups, by touching and kissing.

Type 2 Herpes simplex virus: The infection caused by this virus mostly spreads through sexual contact. Symptoms include sores around the genital area, skin rashes and itching.


Folliculitis: Also called Barber's Itch. The hair follicles get damaged due to bacterial infection. Skin rashes and pimples around the infected follicles may result. The infection may also spread to other area.

Impetigo: This highly contagious, bacterial infection is common among children. It is characterized by itchy, red skin lesions that easily form crust


Microorganisms infesting the skin cause these infections. They feed off the dead skin cells, and usually remain dormant. But when a person is not hygenic, the fungal organisms reproduce rapidly, leading to an infection. Simple measures in everyday life like cleaning hands and feet after coming indoors, wearing clean, dry underwear and socks and using medicated powder as and when required would go a long way in preventing these infections. Some of the common diseases are Candida, Athletes foot and ringworm.

Fungal infections also commonly occur in immuno-suppressed patients such as diabetics, patients on steroids or cancer treatment, HIV infeced individuals etc.


Diseases of the fingernail!

2003-07-21 23:07:28 by hector

Common diseases of the nails include :
Nail infection by bacteria, fungi, yeast and virus.
Paronychia - an infection of the nail fold
Nail disorder due to skin disease e.g psoriasis
Nail injury
Infection of the Nails
The commonest nail infection is fungal nail infection. Fungal nail infection can affect the finger and toe nails.
The infection reaches the nail plate from the free margin and sides of the nails. The nail plate may become brittle, thickened or completely destroyed.
Fungal nail infection can be confirmed by laboratory microscopic examination of clippings of the nail

Did a dermatologist diagnose your skin problem?

2005-04-10 21:32:33 by osler

And if so, how long ago? This sounds more serious than typical mild eczema. Perhaps you should be re-examined; some skin diseases are difficult to diagnose accurately when they initially appear. Or your disease may have progressed to a more severe form (e.g., lichen simplex chronicus; viral, bacterial, or fungal superinfection.)

A lot!

2013-02-24 09:19:37 by RF-MD

I don't know how many. A number of different genuses (geni?) are involved. I have no idea how many species of fungus cause human skin disease. I can name a half dozen offhand, and I'm not even an Infectious Disease physician or dermatologist. Then there're fungi that cause systemic diseases without cutanous manifestations, of which I can name a half dozen more.
The thing with fungal disease is that once tissue is obtained, it's quite easy to diagnose. Fungal disease can be tricky to diagnose when it affects, say, the deep tissue of the lungs, because it takes time and severe enough symptoms to get in there and go after tissue

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