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Fungal Infection (Yeast) in Dogs
Yeast and Fungal Problems : Holistic, natural remedies for dogs


Cryptococcosis in Dogs

Cryptococcosis is a localized or systemic fungal infection caused by the environmental yeast, Cryptococcus. This fungus grows in bird droppings and decaying vegetation, and is generally associated with Eucalyptus trees. However, it is found worldwide and some areas of southern California, Canada and Australia have been found to be more prone to the fungus.

The fungus is contracted through the dog's nasal passages and then passes into the brain, eyes, lungs, and other tissues. It is usually rare in dogs.

The condition or disease described in this medical article can affect both dogs and cats. If you would like to learn more about how this disease affects cats, please visit this page in the PetMD health library.


Symptoms will vary and depend greatly on the organ systems affected by the fungus. However, animals may have a history of problems for weeks or months, be especially sluggish, and (in less than 50 percent of animals) have a mild fever. Other symptoms include:

  • Nervous system signs — seizures, wobbly, uncoordinated or “drunken” movements weakness, blindness
  • Skin ulceration
  • Enlarged lymph nodes
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Lack of appetite
  • Nasal discharge


The Cryptococcus yeast is usually inhaled through the nasal passages. Occasionally, these organisms may reach the terminal airways, although it is unlikely.

It can also infect the stomach and the intestines, entering through the gastrointestinal tract.


Your veterinarian will be making a diagnosis based on findings from the following tests:

  • Samples will be taken from the nasal passages, or a biopsy from the bumpy tissue that protrudes from the nasal passages; flushing the nose with saline may dislodge infected tissue
  • Biopsy of skin lesions of the head
  • Aspirates of affected lymph nodes
  • Blood and urine cultures
  • Blood tests to detect the presence of Cryptococcus antigens
  • If your dog is showing symptoms of neurological disease, a spinal tap and examination of cells will need to be done

Something that is related to the whole body and not just one particular part or organ

A type of fungus that produces buds

Small structures that filter out the lymph and store lymphocytes

The process of removing tissue to examine it, usually for medical reasons.

Any substance or item that the body of an animal would regard as strange or unwanted; a foreign disease or virus in the body (toxin, etc.)

The digestive tract containing the stomach and intestine


Besides (tropical) hookworm --

2008-09-18 08:10:40 by falconwest

There's also roundworm, Strongyloides stercoralis. It lives in the soil and can enters a human host through the skin of bare feet. The parasite can live in the body for 30-40 years without obvious symptoms.
The dog hookworm, Ancyclostoma caninum, is a neamtode. It is present world wide and in Santa Barbara. In its larval stage, it can penetrate the skin of an unprotected foot, but won't necessarily enter the circulatory system. Instead, it remains in the dermis for weeks or months, leaving a track of inflamed, itching skin. The condition is called cutaneous larval migrans

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  • Avatar Popotitozz R My Boston Terrier seems to have a skin fungus in the crease of his eyes, how can I cure it at home?
    Apr 24, 2010 by Popotitozz R | Posted in Dogs

    I have tried putting an antifugal cream (made for yeast infections), how can I cure it at home?
    Can I buy something at Petsmart?

    • First can you pick it second like bathe her really had with like a sponge cause if soap get in the eyes it is a serious problem ps there cute i have one too

  • Avatar chaos_smsp What kind of dog food is reccomended for yeast infection?
    Sep 03, 2009 by chaos_smsp | Posted in Dogs

    My 9 year old pitbull gets horrible yeast infections all over his body. Currently I am giving him 1 probiotic acidophilus daily plus 1/4cup yogurt and 3 benadryl twice a day. He also gets bathed with antifungal shampoo several times a week. What should I be feeding him?

    • Sorry to hear about your misfortune. By all means I would take him to another vet and not say a word about the other diagnoses you have gotten. Don't predispose a diagnoses.

      Then immediately take the dog off of processed food and put him on a all raw meat diet! There are a lot of good articles on feeding Raw. A lot of problems like yours is quickly solved this way.

      Wish you and him well.

  • Avatar SGTCharity How can I boost my puppy's immune system?
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    My puppy (6mos old) has been struggling to fight of demodectic mites for a few months now. The Vet keeps prescribing medication to kill the mites - which isn't working and has negative side effects. I need a way to boost my puppy's immune system so he can fight them off on his own. -And please don't refer me to any dry, commercial dog foods - I know that doesn't work.

    • Make sure you are feeding it a good quality, high protein dog food. Also, liquid vitamins for human infants will not hurt the puppy. Check with your vet, of course. Some breeds have peculiarities. But in general these me …ng on your breed or type of dog, switch to an adult food after twelve months. Work it in gradually. Make sure it is good quality. We have raised dogs and like Buckeye (from Buckeye mill in Dalton, OH), Wayne, and Purina.

  • Avatar Just that Girl Why do I get a painful rash on my legs when I go for an extra long walk?
    Oct 01, 2009 by Just that Girl | Posted in Skin Conditions

    I haven't walked my dog for a while now because whenever I do, I come home with a rash on my legs that itches like no other and is hot to the touch compared to other parts of my body. (My dog is getting walked by my parents for now, so he is getting his exercise.)

    What do you think it is?

    • Hi,

      Sounds like your malady may be a bacteria_fungus i.e. ringworm and/or yeast infection AND/OR an allergic reaction to something that is toxic to your liver/kidneys but it's hard to tell without seeing a …om my own mistakes and would not duplicate them – please pass on what you will learn from your own malady to your family friends neighbors and acquaintances. My best to you and yours. AI - nutritionIsT ><3>[(-:]