Cure skin fungus white spots

7 Simple Tips To Cure White Tanning Spots

tinea-versicolorWhite Tanning spot is a common skin problem that is complained by many teens in summer season. The problem arises due to yeast infection which is called tinea versicolor. Versicolor Yeasts are always present in the atmosphere but generally causes no problem but some people are prone to get skin problems and may develop white tanning spots caused by tinea versicolor. Unlike other skin infection,tinea versicolor is not contagious.

Detection of White Tanning Spots:

Generally,person suffering from tinea versicolor,doesn’t know about it because in normal condition there is no visible difference in the skin. The presence of white spot become visible,when the person goes under tanning process or spent hours in sun. The skin areas infected with the fungus remain un-tanned during tanning process and leaves white spots after tanning. In some cases tinea versicolor appears as reddish rashes on the un-tanned skin.

Simple Tips to Cure White Tanning Spots:

Treatment of tinea versicolor can be very difficult so prevention is the best way to avoid white tanning spots. Also the repeated occurrence tinea versicolor is observed in those people who got infected from the fungus sometime earlier.

  1. The easiest way to treat white tanning spots is by application of mild anti-dandruff shampoo over the infected skin area. Apply the anti-dandruff shampoo like Selson Blue over the skin and let it stay there for around 15 minutes. Rinse it off with water. Use this treatment once in a day till the symptoms seem better.Ramnivas KushvahaYou can reduce the treatment frequency two to three times in a week after the symptoms seem better.
  2. Anti-fungal products are also beneficial in treatment of tinea versicolor. The anti-fungal product that contains selenium sulfide is considered very effective in treatment of tinea versicolor. In serious cases when the problem doesn’t show any improvement after two weeks,you must consult a doctor.
  3. The cream Tinactin or Lotrimin are also effective in treatment of tinea versicolor.
  4. You should avoid spending time in hot,humid and moist environment because the fungus grows rapidly in such environment.
  5. Inclusion of yoghurt in your daily diet is beneficial in controlling the fungal outbreak.
  6. Avoid long tanning session and increase the gap between successive tanning to give sufficient time for skin to heal.
  7. Use of hydrogen peroxide over the infected skin is very effective in getting rid of this problem but it is not very advisable as it might burn the skin surface.

These are few simple tips that you can try to get rid of white tanning spots.

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2009-05-29 18:36:52 by ThatRedDog

There are several options for fungus treatment. The first is iodine, which is cheap. Mix it with water and give iodine bath.
Legs should be clipped in summer. The shorter the hair, the less area for fungus to grow. Curry off fungus and dead skin. They make fungus creams such as Dermex and anti-fungal sprays. Furuozone can also be used once the fungus is removed to prevent re-growth.

Skin problems

2008-12-04 21:31:51 by jade_cicily

Skin problems in dogs and cats are very hard to diagnose. First, it needs to be determined if it is an infection caused by a fungus or bacteria (and what kind), mange, or if it is an allergic reaction. Each treatment is vastly different for the aforementioned, so it is best to get a vet to determine the cause before treating. They will also be able to help with the animals itching during treatment.

There are thousands of types of fungus and most

2011-01-04 00:05:26 by hudsonbay

Antifungals attack only a small fraction of them. Foot fungus for example thrives in dark & damp, like between toes and under nails, so I wouldn't have expected a foot fungus treatment to be effective against fungus thriving in open air (drier) and light (instead of dark)
No guarantee apple cider vinegar will work either. But most fungus is sensitive to Ph and vinegar will radically change the Ph of the skin surface

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However, the safety and versatility of the ointment has quickly made the natural treatment a phenomenon for a variety of resistant fungal, bacterial and viral skin conditions.

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    I bought a black fantail goldfish from Walmart about a month ago. The day after I got her she had a bit of fungus of her tail. I treated it immediately and it went away with no problems. She's been fin ever since. Wednes …and Wednesday she had all of this all over her.
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    • The appearance of white spots on the face is often caused by a fungal infection called tiena versicolor. Exposure to heat makes the problem worse, especially in people who are naturally dark complexioned. More rarely, wh …ying them directly on the skin may also help reduce white spots on the face. For another remedy, grind some black gram to a paste using a little water and apply this on your face. Wash it off with water after 10 minutes.