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Fungal Infections of the Skin and Skin structures

1. Phaeohyphomycosis: Used for infections due to melanin-producing, or dematiaceous, species of moulds. Melanin is a black pigment, and fungi that produce melanin are visible black or brown. The term applies to fungal structures in tissue or clinical specimens whether or not the melanin is visible without special stains. The Fontana-Masson stain is used to identify melanin in the cell walls of the fungus. The actual morphology in the tissue may consist of any combination of hyphae, pseudohyphae, or yeast cells of the infection causing fungus. A detailed discussion on Phaeohyphomycosis and its subtypes is also available.

2. Hyalohyphomycosis: This term parallels phaeohyphomycosis, but is used for infections due to NON-melanin-producing, or non-dematiaceous, species of moulds.

3. Dermatophyte: This term refers to three specific genera of fungi: Epidermophyton, Trichophyton, and Microsporum. These three genera have an especially strong association with fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails. Indeed, the association has historically been so strong that diseases due to these three genera have often been given their own names, even though clinically identical diseases might be caused by fungi of other genera.

  1. It belongs to one of the three genera listed above,
  2. It is keratinophilic (which is to say that it can grow on keratin), and
  3. It can do so on a living host.
Chrysosporium indicum C. keratinophilum

The dermatophytes as a group are special because of their history and medical importance. They are the agents that are associated with the "tineas, " a series of named diseases that use Latin binomials for their naming structure. These binomials can sound like names of fungi, but aren't. For example, Tinea capitis is the general term for dermatophytic infection of the scalp. These diseases are as shown in the list and are discussed in detail on their respective pages:

  1. A Tinea pedis-like infection due to Scytalidium dimidiatum
  2. A Tinea barbae-like infection due to Geotrichum candidum

The first exception is Tinea versicolor. Correctly known as Pityriasis versicolor, this is a distinctive syndrome in which yellow-to-brown lesions appear on the chest, trunk, or abdomen. The name versicolor comes from the range of colors that are seen. This infection is due to Malassezia furfur.

Another exception is Tinea nigra. This refers to a dark-colored superficial infection of the stratum corneum by a dematiaceous fungus called Hortaea werneckii. The palms are the most commonly involved site, but any glabrous region may be involved. Thus, this syndrome could be said to be Tinea manuum- or Tinea corporis-like. This infection occurs in people who contact salt and salty water. The fungus has a high tolerance for salt.


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Sounds like a fungus....could be candida

2006-03-09 17:23:08 by ----

Fungus likes to grow in warm, dark, moist areas (as in body folds of skin)
also could be tinea corporis between breasts, another fungus
if the red spots don't tan with sunlight, it could be tinea versicolor (another fungus)
all are easy to treat with OTC anti-fungal creams
you might want to Google images of the above 3 suggested types of fungal infections

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    Jul 07, 2007 by armenharoutunian | Posted in Allergies

    My uncle is very desperate and he gets a lot under his foot which bothers him so he cant walk. He wants to know if he can take a homeopathic medicine specifically this one, …king a anti-histamine?
    also he is not allergic to any foods and has no clue what its from he doesnt work could it be from that or going through hard times. If it is how can i tell he because he is kind of stubborn.

    • Urticaria is generally caused by direct contact with an allergenic substance, or an immune response to food or some other allergen, or for other reasons.
      • Medication such as antibiotics, codeine, penicillin, sulf … • Stay away from alcohol, as it causes flushing of the skin
      • Try not to scratch affected areas
      • Wear loose clothes that will not put pressure on the skin

      Good luck, have a nice weekend.